Sustainable Lifestyle & Sustainable Energy

During the meeting in Monschau,

we looked at many aspects of climate change, sustainability and what we can do for a more sustainable lifestyle. We did many activities and produced many results, which were then shown at the Inda-Gymnasium. The exhibition and the results are documented in the 360° film. Everything can be accessed via the little white dots on the website.

Water, a European task in a global context

Sustainable fishery


Inclusion and diversity

Charly is an avatar and belongs to the "staff" of the Inda-Gymnasium. He is always there when a student cannot participate due to a long-term illness. Charly is the eyes, ears and voice of the student, so he can always be there and participate in the social exchange. No social isolation.
We were able to experience that Charly, the AV1 from the company No Isolation in Oslo, also works across borders.


Cultural Learning

Agriculture and Nutrition


UN Summer Academy

Eramus + Meeting: Green Deal