What is Erasmus+ ?

Erasmus+ KA2 programme activities are student-centred and follow an approach based on students' active engagement with real-life challenges and problems. 
Erasmus+ supports personal, educational and professional development. It promotes the knowledge, skills and competences students need in a mobile, multicultural, digital and dynamic society. As students actively participate in projects with their peers from all over Europe, come into contact with different learning methods, subjects and cultures, they gain important experience, learn more about themselves and others, and experience Europe in a whole new way. 
The themes of the projects vary, but all have selected Erasmus priorities as their main objective, as defined by the European Commission:

- Democracy and Participation

- Green Erasmus and sustainability

- Inclusion and diversity

- Media literacy and digital education

Why Erasmus+?

In modern life, education has much more importance in people’s life than it had ever before. And when it comes to education, there are many different alternatives that affect a student’s life. Today, I will try to tell you about one of these alternatives that affected my life in many ways. 
When you want to search about it, every source will say it’s a “project”. Yes, it’s a project, called Erasmus. But in a student’s view, it’s not just a project. It’s a new kind of feeling, it’s a big chance of expanding your horizon, and especially one of the best ways of making new relations, friendships. 
Like every other project, Erasmus has a purpose too. And this purpose is to make Europe smaller than it actually is by communicating. Yes, communicating has a key-role in this project. Because all you have to do is to communicate in order to learn and experience. It lets you to remove borders for two years. 
When it comes to learning and experiencing, there are much more things than I can write in this page. You have two years to make the project with your partners, but what you experience is more than two years. You live with someone you never known before, you see how they live, how they study, how their culture is. This is an undefinable feeling. 
I can write about the European project for many pages, but it must be a short essay. So, in total, Erasmus is a short version of a life style. It’s a style that makes you a more social, more active person. Not only for studying, but also for other ways of life, every student must attend European Projects.