The Eifel

About it:


Name: Eifel

Area: 5.300 km2

Highest point: "Hohe Acht"

Rivers: Rhein, Mosel, Our, Weser, Maas, Rur, Erft

Type: low mountain range

Where is the Eifel?

  • part of the rhenish slate mountains
  • stretches from the north of Rhineland-palatinate over to the southwest of NRW, on the left side
  • it is a square with Aachen (north), Trier (south), Koblenz (west) and Bonn (south) on the corners
  • limited by the Mosel Valley in the north and south
  • goes over to the Ösling and the Ardennes

What can you find there?

  • surounded by lots of little brooks and streams, because of the mild-damp Atlantic Climate
  • you can find lots of water reservoirs, especially in the north
  • The Eifel is a great habitat for lots of different animals