Kornelimünster is a village on the river Inde and in southeastern part of Aachen.

Kornelimünster's  history

In 814 , Benedikt von Aniane founded the monastery Kornelimünster with Emperor Ludwig the Pious as a consulant. The monastery was first used as a monastery at the Inde (Inda )  

In the middle of the 9th century Kornelimünster received bibical sanctuaries,the stewed towel of Jesus, the  welding cloth of Jesus and the shround of Jesus .

Durig the 2. World War, the US units Kornelimünster, without major a big destruction , so the old monastery remained intact.




The Historical Fair of Kornelimünster

The ,,Historic Fair'' takes place since1976 in Kornelimünster on Corpus Christi from Wednesday to Sunday.

The ,,Historical Fair '' includes more than 100 stalls selling the old craftsmanship, as well as various food and drins. In addition , you can drive with beautiful rides or admire jugglers and street musicans.

Here you can buy some interesting things or food



The ,,Klauserwäldchen''

Kornelimünster also includes a forest, the Klauserwäldchen.This is a nature reserve since 1954. It's the oldest of the12 nature reserves in Aachen .  Here you can find (, amog other things) orchids ,  anemones , broom , lark and woodruff.



Hikes and Biketours

In Kornelimünster there are 2 routes that you can walk along.


The ,,Vennbahn'' leads along an old railway track that is no longer used. You can walk there but there are many bike-riders. It is about 125 kilometres long.













The ,,Eifelsteig'' is a 313 km long hiking trail. It leads in 15 stages from Kornelimünster over the ,,Hohes Venn'', the ,,Rurtal'', the ,, Eifel- Nationalpark'',the ,,Vulkaneifel'' and  the ,,Südeifel''. The route leads thought the states of North Rhine-Westfalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

This is the Vennbahn , next to the old railway track


This are two different places at the Eifelsteig.