Aachener Cathedral

Name: Aachener cathedral, Marien cathedral, Muenster cathedral

Building year: 796-803

High: 31 metre

Area: 0,2 ha

Builder: Charlemagne


Legend of the Aachener cathedral

At the time of the build, the citizens had money problems. They had to ask the devil for money, to finish building the cathedral.In exchange he wanted the first soul ,that entered. Because no one wanted to kill a person ,they caught a wolf. The devil didn‘t know that and took the soul of the wolf. He was very angry and left the cathedral , he shut the door so hard , that his finger shut in and fell off .Some people think, it‘s still there today.There is also a crack in the door.

The Karlsthrone

The royal throne still stands on the upper floor of Aachen Cathedral today. It consists of marble slabs held together with bronze brackets. From 936 A.D. to 1531, more than 30 kings and twelve queens received their dignities in the Marienkirche. Otto I. founded the tradition in 936. The rulers who ascended the throne of Charlemagne in Aachen were regarded as his direct successors. For it was firmly believed that Charlemagne, the first German emperor, had sat here before his death in 814.


Mainly during the Gothic period a wreath of chapels was built around the Carolingian building. The largest of these chapels is the choir hall, which is also called the "Glass House of Aachen" because of its more than 1000m² glass surface and approximately 27 meter high windows.