Two seasons smoothie



4-5 leafs lemon balm

1 piece charentais-melon (80 gr with peel)

50 gr green, seepless grapes

50 gr strawberries

50 ml cold, cloudy apple juice

1 splash fresh pressed lime juice

1 teaspoon liquid honey



1 branch lemon balm

   (for 350 ml)


1.   Wash the leafs of lemon balm and the branch and let them dry. Cut the leafs into stripes and put them in the mixer.

2.   Take the pips out of the melon. Remove the pulp from the peel, dice the melon and put them in the mixer. Wash the raisins, divide them in half and add them to the ingredients in the mixer. Wash the strawberries, take off the green parts, cut them coarse and add them as well.

3.   Add the apple juice, the lime juice and the honey, too, and mix all the ingredients until you have got a homogeneous liquid. Add 2-3 tablespoons crushed ice and mix it again, but only a short time. Pour the smoothie into a glass. Decorate it with the branch lemon balm and serve it with a straw.